A hundred and one delights at the tips of your toes

Enjoy the delights and benefits of walking in the mountains of the Belleville Valley. Whether for a gentle stroll, a brisk walk, or a hike, with more than 50 routes to suit everyone, set off to discover the wonderful landscapes around us. Discover many lakes, including Grand Lac, Allamands, Combes and Echauds on Les Menuires side, as well as Lac du Lou, Lac du Longet, Lac Noir and Lac de Crintallia towards the Pointe de la Masse, and escape to the coolness of the mountain pastures!

The opening of the lifts

The Pointe de la Masse gondola lift is open from Sunday to Wednesday, from 9.30am to 12.45pm and from 1.30pm to 4.30pm.

The other lifts in Les Menuires and Saint-Martin-de-Belleville are open 7 days a week, from 9.30am to 12.45pm and from 1.30pm to 4.30pm.

Pointe de la Masse special opening hours on August 15th 2024.

Make the most of the French bank holiday to explore the hiking paths from the top of the Pointe de la Masse. The gondola lift will be open on Thursday August 15th, in addition to its usual opening days.

As a family

Head to the top of the Roc 1 gondola lift to discover two walks that are perfect for families with young children. One leads to the Lac des Echauds with beautiful views and picnic tables around the lake, and the other is a very easy walk to Lac des Allamands, which can be reached with a 4-wheel stroller.

Easy routes in the Belleville Valley:

  • Lac des Allamands - via the Roc 1 gondola lift (n°54 / S)

  • Le Molard - via the Saint-Martin 1 gondola lift (n°63 / U)

  • Tougnète descent - via the Saint-Martin 1 gondola lift and the Saint-Martin-Express chairlift (n°46 / R)

All kitted out!

Rucksack, hiking boots, extra sweater, anorak, water bottle, sun cream… Got everything? Then you’re ready to set off to discover some of the valley’s most beautiful places.

  • For a pleasant downhill hike, follow the

    sentier des lacs

    lake path from the Pointe de la Masse and make the most of a refreshing break on the water’s edge, admiring the cotton grass.

  • Go higher up and admire the breath-taking views from the top of Tougnète before embarking on a panoramic walk along the mountain ridges, or down towards the flower-filled alpine pastures.

Whether you set off for the whole day, or just a few hours, it’s up to you to choose the wonders that you wish to see. Switch off and get away from it all in the heart of the Alps!

Ideas for panoramic excursions


Reach new heights!

Set between Saint-Martin-de-Belleville and Méribel, at the top of the Saint-Martin Express chairlift, the col de Tougnète mountain pass offers breath-taking views in summer. Picturesque footpaths await to be explored by hikers, whilst MTB trails stream down the mountainside, offering a wealth of exciting challenges for thrill-seekers.

The Col de Tougnète is also the arrival point of the 7km cycle path from Les Menuires. An unforgettable mountain escapade with views over the Vanoise mountain range, it’s the perfect place for a relaxing break or picnic after a bike ride or hike.

The ibex

Mountaintop encounters

From the top of Pointe de la Masse, it watches over the whole valley. Elegant, proud, and protective, this majestic ibex is the emblem of Les Menuires. At 3.5 metres high, this giant wooden sculpture won’t go unnoticed in your photos! One of Les 3 Vallées unmissable and unusual spots, you’ll find it near the top of the Pointe de la Masse gondola lift before you head off on a lovely hike.